Personal Training Testimonies For Men

Martins Results after 8 Weeks.
 Personal Training Goal- Fat Loss & Fitness
Physical Stats

Before After
Weight 16,3.613,10
Body Fat
27.3% 14%
Metabolic age
58yrs 33yrs
Waist 39inch 34inch
Runs 10mins 10km
 William, Glasgow City Centre
 Reason for Hiring a Personal Trainer-Increasing Muscle Mass
Before After In 5 Workouts

Total Body Fat Loss
6 % Fat Loss
Muscle Gain
5 Pounds
Bench Press 12 Rep Max
30Kg to 60Kg
Squat 12 Rep Max
40 Kg to 85Kg
 Shueh, Glasgow City Centre
 Personal TrainingGoal- Muscle Gain
Total Body Fat Loss
5 % Fat Loss
Total Muscle Gain
20 pounds
Bench Press 12 Rep Max
40Kg to 90Kg
Squat 12 Rep Max
50 Kg to 110Kg

 Derek Rose & Alasdair Ross Glasgow City Centre
 Reason for Hiring Personal Trainers- Sports Conditioning & Muscle Gain

Congratulations to Derek Rose and Alaisdar Ross (left and right of centre) for being part of first full scottish official refereeing team to attend a major international football tournament at the European Championship. Derek & Ally enrolled the services of Glasgow personal trainers to help him get get in the best shape possible for the tournament

 Greig, West-end, Glasgow
 Reason for Hiring a Personal Trainer-Muscle Mass Gain & Fat Loss

I have been training for years and never been able to achieve my personal goals, But within 4 short weeks & 4 punishing training programs with Martin I am now leaner, more toned & Ssronger and have changed the way i think about my training, He also gave my good diet & nutrition help which has helped me lower my body fat percentage. Martins all round knowledge is excellent from Fitness to Weight training to Diet. I couldn't recommend Martin more highly to anyone looking for a personal trainer and to anyone wanting to take there training to the next level.

Ryan, Glasgow
 Personal Training Goal- Fat Loss & Toning

Weight Loss
2 Stone

Body Fat
24% to 8.6%

Waist Measurment
6 Inch Loss
 "I began training with Martin in early October 2009 after years of working out at the gym with little to no tangible results. My goal when training with Martin was to reduce body fat to allow me to have a more defined physique.

In order to help me meet my goal Martin analysed and restructured both my training regime and more importantly my diet. Martin consistently emphasised the importance that diet plays in seeing the benefits of those hard hours in the gym.

Weekly weigh ins and monthly measurements ensured that my training programme combined with the correct diet was bringing me closer to my goal. Every P.T session with Martin was unique and he never fails to get you motivated to push yourself that little bit further to meet your goals.

Through 8 months of training with Martin once a week my results were far greater than the four years I had previously spent training myself with little to no drive or direction.

In terms of weight, body fat and inches my results were as follows:
- October 2009 Weight: 11stone 1pound to 9 stone 4pnds.
- October 2009 Body fat: 24% to 8.6%.
- October 2009 waist measurement: 37inches to 31inches.

However, the benefits to my lifestyle and the overall knowledge of diet and training I gained through working with Martin are every bit as important as the immediate results from my personal training. I now spend my time in the gym more efficiently and continue to see results through applying the principles I learned during my P.T sessions.

Andrew, Southside, Glasgow

Reason for Hiring Personal Trainer- Sports Performance

Martin keeps me on top of things. He has kept me in shape for the last 4 years no matter how much i resist! Im always coming up with new fitness and sports ventures to take part in and Martin always tailors my training accordingly.
Andrew, South-side, Glasgow

Grant, South-side Glasgow 
 Personal Training Goal- Muscle Gain, Fat Loss & Sport Training

"I have trained with Martin since late 2005 once a week and since that first session my body and sports performance has changed beyond recognition. My job is time consuming so I rely on Martin to make sure I'm getting the most out of my workouts in the little time iIhave. He also makes sure I stay on top of my eating. Every workout is unique and aimed at helping me achieve my health and fitness goals"

 Guy, West-end, Glasgow
 Reason for Hiring Personal Trainer- Sports Performance
"As a professional sports-man I was looking for excellent technical knowledge, advice, motivation, and nutritional advice and found all of that in Martin. He made a massive difference in my sporting event. Couldn't recommend his services highly enough." Guy 

Squat 1RM- 60kg increase

Bench Press 1RM- 50 kg increase
Push up Test- from 25 to 50rep
Bent Row 1RM- 50kg increase 

Kenny, West-end, Glasgow

Reason for Hiring Personal Trainer- Health

After Stats

Weight Loss
11 pounds
Body Fat
Waist 5 inch loss
Muscle Gain
6 pounds

"My training with Martin is really focused on what I want to achieve. He has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the fitness and nutrition area and I benefit greatly from it. I would not be able to achieve what I want through gym training sessions as the motivation and expertise provided by Martin gets straight to what I am looking for.

I have been surprised at the results I can obtain through regular one to one personal training sessions, working along with my own exercise. It is also great that we can talk a lot about my food and diet which I know is also essential part of my goals. I have some health issues with a heart condition and Martin works closely with me to ensure I work within certain parameters. Exercising with Martin is enjoyable and fun I would be happy to recommend him to anyone looking for a personal" Kenny