Personal Training for Muscle Gain

The Training Plan

The muscle gain training programme is all about optimising muscle growth until you achieve the level of muscle mass your happy with.

The training programme will use progressive resistance training, lifting technique maximisation, and periodised programming inorder to to induce the ideal level of stimulus to promote muscle growth.

The Eating Plan

At Glasgow Personal Trainers we have spent the last 10 years developing a nutrition plan that will build muscle, without increasing your fat stores, while enhancing your health and energy levels.

We will provide every last detail you need to leave nothing to chance, we provide resources for; meal timing, portion sizes, meal planners, food sourcing, and supplements.

 Glasgow Personal Trainer: The Experts in Amazing Results

 Below are some of the great results Glasgow Personal Trainers have had over the last 12 months. For more results see our testimonies page. We garuntee that all of the below results are 100% accurate and real.
Press (12RM)
 Squat (12RM)
Mike 29, Southside
10 days  
 1% 40kg to 55kg
 30kg to 70kg
Sean,39, City Centre
 21 days 
 ↓5% 50kg to  80kg
 20kg to 80kg
Sheue 31 Southside
5 weeks
 60kg to 80kg 40kg to80kg
William, 40, Westend
 14 days
 ↑ 3kg ↓1% 30kg to 60kg
 60kg to 85kg