Personal Training for Sports

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Tom Flemming said it best  when  he said;
"Somewhere in the world someone is training when you  are not, when you race him he  will win" 
We couldnt agree more Tom    
Glasgow Personal Trainers

  Find Out What it Takes to Be Great at Your Sport

At Glasgow Personal Trainers we have trained sports therapists, personal trainers and sports conditioning specialists to help our clients improve their sporting performance whatever their ability and age. We have had great success working with clients in sports such as golf, football, marathons, cycling, tennis, motorcross, sailing, and more.
Training to Win at Your Sport

Once weve analalyed what aspects of fitness are needed to excel at your sport and where your current level is, we will then start to design your personalised sports personal training programme. We will aim to improve fitness aspects like: joint range of motion, dynamic flexibility, core stability, power, strength and endurance to give you the confidence to perfom.

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