Reverse the Effects of Type 2 Diabetes 

Reduce Blood Pressure More Effectively than Medication 

 Live Longer & Healthier Life 

@ Glasgow Personal Trainers
 Glasgow Personal Trainers: 4 Step Programme for Health
 Step 1- Analayse your health
 Step 2- The right eating plan
 Step 3- Exercise Plan
 Step 4- Changing habits for good
Step 1: The Health Tests
 Receive comprehensive health checks  and  assess your ten year risk for coronary heart disease.

We will then use this data to prescribe a health improvement programme to boost your health and reduce your risk of heart disease.

 The Health Checks
 1. Blood Sugar
  2. Blood Cholesterol
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Body Fat
  5. Hip to waist
Step 2 : The Eating Plan

Together we will workout a realitsitc and achievable diet that will provide your body with the nourishment to thrive.

 Glasgow Personal Trainers use the latest research to create eating plans that are proven to lower cholesterol, reverse type 2 diabetes and reduce body fat and waistlines.

Our aim is to make you live a longer and better life.

Step 3: The Exercise Plan
 Your exercise plan and sessions will be completely unique to you and designed around your needs and goals. Your training plan will be progressive and determined according to your current health status but its aim will make you healthier person, with more energy, and leaving you able to do things you never thought possible
 Step 4: Long-Term Habit Change

 Glasgow Personal Trainers believe for longterm change we must look to change our habiits that attributed to us becoming unhealth.

See our personal trainers for motivation page to find out our unique approach to changing our clients habits Glasgow personal Trainers For Motivation