Functional Fitness & Posture

| In-depth Postural Assessment |

| Create Muscular Balance |

| Maximise Range of Motion |

Increase Flexibility|

| Enhanced Functional Fitness |


Posture & Functional Fitness

Improving your posture and functional fitness is probably the  biggest thing you can do to reduce your risk of injury and get the most out of our body. You dont have to run a marathon to feel the benifit, you feel it in every aspect of you physical life.

Postural & Functional Fitness Testing

The initial driving force behind the programme will be a full analyses of your posture and functional fitness. Our indepth assessment covers  muscular balance, joint range of motion, joint stability, core stability, strength, flexibility and functional fitness testing.

Creating the Training Plan

The information gathered from the testing phase will then be used to design your own personalised training programme. The training plan will  aim to specifically address the factors unique to you that will optimise your posture and functional fitness.